Aug 24, 2010

Autistic Man Spreads Hope

A 26-year-old autistic man is giving parents of autistic children hope that their kids can lead fulfilling lives.

Chicago Parent has an uplifting article about Maurice Snell. Snell was diagnosed with autism as a kid, but never let that diagnosis limit his future.

He was able to graduate from college and now works at Easter Seals helping other people with autism. He has a remarkable ear for music and started a band with another young man he met at Easter Seals. They now perform together at autism events and spread a message of hope. Here's what Snell told Chicago Parent:

"When I see new kids, I see hope. There is no cure for autism, you're stuck with it, but I'm not ashamed and I tell this to many of the families. I give them stories of hope."

You can check out the full article online here and view a video by Chicago Parent about Snell and his band below:


Anonymous said...

It is great that nothing deters this outstanding young men.

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