Aug 31, 2010

Finishing For Thor

Over the weekend, a blind athlete finished the Chicago Triathlon in memory of a police officer who was killed on the job this summer.

Mazen Istanbouli knew Officer Thor Soderberg well. Soderberg was his guide for two triathlons and they were training together for the Chicago Triathlon as well. Here's what Istanbouli told CBS 2 about Soderberg:

"Swimming in the lake, riding bikes along the lakefront, running – we spent hours together. The more I know Thor, the more I realized what a great human being he was."

After Soderberg was shot and killed on duty last month, Istanbouli knew he had to continue training for the triathlon in his memory. He finished the race this weekend with a new guide. Here's what he told NBC 5 after the race:

"Truly, this whole race was dedicated to him. I felt that the least I could do ... is keep his memory alive by doing triathlons in his name."

Shortly after Soderberg's death, NPR ran a piece about how he helped
Istanbouli and lived a "truly artful, useful life". I thought that was a perfect description of something we should all strive for. Take a listen:


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