Aug 13, 2010

Lost, Found & Returned!

If you found an old class ring on the street, would you try to find the owner?

CBS 2 ran a story about a Wilmette man who just found the owner of a ring he picked up off the street in the early 80's!

After Tony Cash did some major detective work, he found out it belonged to a TV reporter in the Dallas area. The reporter was incredibly grateful to have the high school ring back, because it held a lot of meaning. The story says why:

He was among the first African-Americans bussed in to desegregate his high school. The ring, as Cash suspected, is more than a simple token. "That ring is not only a reflection of me, but the thousands of young people from my hometown who now call that high school home."

Have you ever lost something of value and had someone return it to you? Or have you ever found something and made that extra effort to get it back to its owner?

Last weekend, my friend found a puppy wandering around. She registered it lost with the Humane Society and took care of it while continuing to try and find the owner. After 2 days, the owners called and got their puppy back home safe and sound!

It's always inspiring to hear about good samaritans who do the right thing! Share your stories below!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this counts, but I lost my phone in a cab once. Someone got a hold of me by calling my friend who was my last call and I got it back. It's no lost ring, but it cost a lot and my life was in that thing!

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