Aug 17, 2010

Silk Scarf Therapy

The Chicago Sun Times is planning to recognize women battling breast cancer.

Columnist Mary Mitchell is holding a "Scarf Therapy" contest to give away beautiful silk scarves to cancer patients and survivors with inspiring stories of courage and hope. In her column, Mitchell shared her story and now she's asking readers to do the same.

She's giving away the luxury scarves because when she was battling breast cancer, the owner of Hermes boutique in Chicago sent her one with a note. Here's what it said:

"I have assisted many women ... in various stages of cancer treatment, and they tell me that the silk feels very soothing and they feel a little more beautiful wearing them."

Mitchell couldn't keep the scarf due to journalism ethics rules. But she passed it on to another woman fighting cancer. That woman then passed it on to another.

In her column, Mitchell says she hopes contest winners will do the same with the scarf they receive:

"It is my hope that any woman who receives a scarf -- either through the on-line contest or as a gift -- will pass it on. You won't be handing down a fashion accessory. You will be spreading a lot of love."

You can enter yourself or someone you know in the Chicago Sun Times "Scarf Therapy" contest here


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